View Poll Results: Do you believe there should be rules of BlackBerry etiquette/use?

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    358 48.38%
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12-29-07 01:43 AM
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  1. kalinl's Avatar
    Do not read or reply to e-mail while talking to people.... it is beyond rude!!!
    12-16-07 06:39 PM
  2. LocalCelebrity2u's Avatar
    Dont Bring Your Blackberry To The Dinner Table And Text Under The Table! (i Do It A Lot)
    12-16-07 06:44 PM
  3. nakpr01's Avatar
    I use my bb to view and reply to emails while in meetings at work. Some of my collegue's think that's rude........sue me
    12-16-07 07:55 PM
  4. moyjoy's Avatar
    i do try and use proper etiquette with my blackberry but there's something about seeing other people breaking etiquette that makes me join the pack so that if one other person starts it's like a chain event where everyone else's brain tells them "it's ok... you can blame it on them". I'd say the worst case of this was thanksgiving dinner when my mom yelled at my brothers and sisters and I for seeing the tops of our heads the whole time.
    12-16-07 07:55 PM
  5. Jeh's Avatar
    there is nothing more anoying than what sounds like screaming in to your phone. I dont need nor want to listen to your conversation. if they cant hear you tell them to get a better headset.
    12-16-07 07:57 PM
  6. DragonMage's Avatar
    off and unused at social gatherings, and on silent vibrate at work mettings.
    12-16-07 08:32 PM
  7. CMEC's Avatar
    My wife uses her BB while in bed... she should be focusing her attention elsewhere!
    Mine too, LOL. She is always on I told her that I am going to get him to send her blog text messages.
    12-16-07 08:50 PM
  8. mboliver's Avatar
    Too many instances where they should be turned off (meetings, dinner, actual face to face conversations). Yep I break all of these would be rules as well.
    12-16-07 08:52 PM
  9. dtkeith's Avatar
    well, i will be the first to admit it, but i think using a bb in church is sorta rude, and I do it. so, ya, that should maybe be in the guide
    12-16-07 09:18 PM
  10. lavegout's Avatar
    Honestly, I can see myself using mine at my own wedding to check and see what the weather is like where ever I'm having my honeymoon.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-16-07 10:15 PM
  11. teamfoster03's Avatar
    etiquette, yes. rules, no.

    Its different for different situations and locations. I would rather see someone typing on a BB in a resturant than talking to someone and yelling on the phone.
    12-16-07 10:27 PM
  12. simons91's Avatar
    I think common sense should prevail. I'm not saying that it always does, especially with me, but it really should!
    12-16-07 11:51 PM
  13. zonkerzoo's Avatar
    just the use of common sense should take care of 95% the other 5% will be learned shortly.
    12-16-07 11:55 PM
  14. ericjay's Avatar
    In one of my classes, there's a student who is ALWAYS sending and receiving messages on his BB during class. It's would be one thing if we were in a large lecture, but this is a small discussion style course, with the professor and about 10 students around a conference table.

    I understand that we're not traditional students, and are mostly working professionals... but that doesn't make it any less rude to the instructor.
    12-17-07 05:15 AM
  15. peteblum's Avatar
    I have not really seen any rude BB users. The only rule I would say we need is just one of common courtesy that when you are talking to someone stop typing/reading and pay attention to the person in fron of you.
    12-17-07 07:44 AM
  16. Silver5's Avatar
    Rules are needed for just about everything because people are generally not very considerate. Yeah, this depends on where you live for the most part, but the more people there are in a given area, the less considerate they seem to become.

    People actually expect that I will attempt to carry on a conversation with them while they have a phone at their ear...they play ridiculously loud ringtones of their favorite artists in inappropriate places, and use the speakerphone as if they didn't notice it was a serious annoyance to everyone around them.

    People need rules.
    12-17-07 08:41 AM
  17. tdgossett's Avatar
    My date and I were both typing on our BB's trying to cross the road downtown last weekend. We almost got run down. From that point forward, we had a rule...only 1 of us on a BB at a time while walking downtown.

    12-17-07 08:54 AM
  18. ting's Avatar
    Rude people are brutal! There's got to be rules within reason otherwise it's just chaos...however, discretion is the better part of valour.
    12-17-07 10:01 AM
  19. ultraboy3000's Avatar
    Never use your BB to talk while sitting @ the dinner table. When in doubt just txt.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-17-07 11:31 AM
  20. ThePhilZone's Avatar
    If only I could use a taser when people are rudely typing away
    12-17-07 02:01 PM
  21. Dima055's Avatar
    I think that a new law should be that BB should be banned from use in a vehicle.
    Even for my own good.So here's the story,I was driving while I was in an intense conversation (IM)(I don't know how IM can get intense but trust me,it did =] )about a soccer game so I wondered off and hit a cop car, well everyone knows in how much trouble I was in....
    12-17-07 02:24 PM
  22. neurodoc's Avatar
    There are definitly times when BB use is inappropriate. My wife would say it's anytime I'm near her!
    12-17-07 02:34 PM
  23. VIPRKC's Avatar
    It's not BB specific's cell phone etiquette in not using your phone to text/email/chat during dinner, movies, whatever
    12-17-07 03:02 PM
  24. Hairbear1954's Avatar
    I am always disturbed by texters, Blackberry and otherwise, who attempt to do so while driving. I have nearly been run off the road by one on more than one occasion.
    12-17-07 04:58 PM
  25. davids68's Avatar
    No texting while driving but that would apply to all device users.
    12-17-07 05:09 PM
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