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    This morning when I left for work, I set my browser to Internet Browser so I can go online when away from my home WiFi. When I got home, I forgot to change the browser setting back to WiFi. My wife called me and I was surprised to see that the Curve was connected to our home WiFi network and the call came in as UMA. I placed a call and it went through as UMA. I guess I don't need to change the WiFi/internet option on my Curve to do UMA calling or WiFi browsing.

    But, now when I go to Crackberry on my Curve and I am in the internet browser setting, I keep getting the old desktop view?! When I change the setting to WiFi, I see the new CB view. What is causing this, anyone know? Also, when in WiFi mode and I go to the BB home page I'm sent to the BB help screen. But I am sent to the regular BB home screen when the browser is in Internet mode. Strange.

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    07-17-08 09:01 PM
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    Exactly... As I have explained in my guide, the Browser's settings are independent! You can have the Browser set to WiFi browser or Internet Browser... it does not matter!!

    If you have your devices connection preferences set up as "WiFi Preferred" then it will automatically connect to any of your WiFi networks and attempt to use UMA for all calls and data. The Browsing is, once again, not included in this!!

    So, if you have an unlimited data plan it is better to keep your Browser set on 'internet browser' all of the time so you do not have to constantly switch back and forth manually!! This still allows your device to use the UMA network for all data and voice...

    The only instance that using the WiFi browser is beneficial... is when you have no connection to you mobile network or you have low signal! Also, users without a data plan would obviously want to take advantage of the WiFi browser

    Glad you discovered that as well!! And thank you for sharing!
    07-19-08 04:19 PM