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    Im going to canada in a month and am considering getting a blackberry bold (if they are avaliable when i go), first i have a couple of questions though.

    Does blackberry offer any international warranty (eg. if i buy one in canada and take it back to switzerland will i be able to send it in to some place here, or would i have to ship it back to canada?)

    Secondly with my current phone subscription i have 250mb traffic a month, which really should be plenty for what im planning on using it for, but i would really like a program that will monitor how much internet (http, bbm, push mail, etc...) traffic that goes through my blackberry, just to make sure.

    08-14-08 01:56 PM
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    08-16-08 03:39 AM
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    Not sure about the international warranty but I think you simply send it to the nearest repair shop.

    The mini mini data counter is not yet compatible with 4.5 so certainly it is not available for 4.6.

    You should however be able to check your useage on your online account if you have one and some carriers have a number you can call to check your usage too.

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    08-16-08 04:23 AM