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    Take a look at this news story that just popped up in Yahoo News.

    It basically sounds like some new rules are being proposed for the FCC's review that could completely unlock cell phones. The proposal pushes for the unlock to allow more device/software innovation that has been lacking since cell phone service providers strip and lock out features that could be used by developers.

    The power that be at this site should convert that article into something for the front page. It's worth checking out and wishing it actually passes and takes affect as soon as possible.
    07-10-07 08:46 AM
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    ...ok, we get the hint...
    07-10-07 09:13 AM
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    With all the threads that get started up about features not working or disabled from providers, I'm surprised nobody replied to the thread I created with some potential good news.
    07-11-07 09:59 AM
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    Well I have another new link to share into this thread I created:

    Verizon asks Congress to just say no to "open access"

    It makes me laugh a little to watch Verizon squirm with the thought they might have to be more open with their service. Here's a quote from the article I found interesting:

    Though others have argued that wireless operators routinely crippled functionality and features that users want in order to protect other services, Zipperstein (Verizon general counsel) says that's not the case; in fact, all Verizon is out to do is safeguard network quality and the user experience.
    I guess the executives that stare at reports all day are only good at communication, they have no understanding of the technology they offer to users like us! What problems would come from them enabling the internal GPS on their new 8830 World Edition Blackberry? Absolutely none, because if there was a problem they wouldn't be developing a version of VZ Navigator to work with the phone. It's complete hypocrisy!

    Chris Murray definately knows what he's talking about here:

    Not surprisingly, Chris Murray of Consumers Union (publishers of Consumer Reports) didn't see things the same way. He told Congress that open access was crucial to consumer choice. "Without open access to the full range of wireless services and devices, consumers will continue to face unfair charges for service modification or termination, inability to use innovative applications, devices that have been hobbled to minimize competition, and other troublesome practices currently used by the dominant cell phone and broadband providers."
    07-13-07 02:49 PM
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    lol. too funny.
    07-16-07 12:23 AM