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    I am finding that I can either have fast delivery of e-mails to the Blackberry handset or I can use my correct e-mail address. But, I cannot have both.

    Fast delivery = by forwarding all my POP3 e-mails to a GMail account and configuring that in the BIS. Great speed. Problem = the GMail address is shown to everyone I e-mail from the Blackberry handset. Looks unprofessional.

    Correct e-mail address = by configuring the BIS to collect e-mails direct from my POP3 box. The correct e-mail address for the POP3 box is shown to everyone I e-mail from the Blackberry handset, great. Problem = very slow delivery of e-mails to handset. 20 minute delays, etc. No use when dealing with urgent e-mails, or waiting for replies.

    Is it possible to have both fast e-mail delivery AND only show my correct e-mail address to everyone I e-mail from the handset?

    Thanks for any ideas.
    04-09-08 02:19 AM