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    I'm in the market for an extra battery for my 9530 (type DX1) and was looking on eBay for cheap deals.

    Now, I've read somewhere about being skeptic about cheap batts because they could be fake, but I've been wondering, a battery is a battery, right? So whats the deal if I drop $5 on a knockoff and use that for 8 months or however long that lasts (then get another, $5 isn't much) as opposed to shelling out $50 for a genuine one that'll last a couple years?

    What are the risks associated with buying and using fake batts? And is there a telltale way of figuring out whats real and what isn't just from an eBay listing?
    04-11-09 09:27 PM
  2. pink_piggy's Avatar
    fake battery? LOL sorry, but when I see fake battery I think it's a piece of plastic that just looks like a battery (like one that doesn't work,) you mean a no name battery? I'm sure they would be fine, have you googled your question? Hopefully someone can help you here.
    04-18-09 01:59 PM
  3. cslave's Avatar
    Honestly idk what people meant by fake batteries. I assumed they'd be no-names marketed as official ones with a fake sticker on it to mimic the real thing.

    I just read here and on BBforums about people getting "fake" batteries off eBay...

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    04-18-09 02:03 PM
  4. lulugirl896's Avatar
    I recently bought a non-oem battery from China on eBay for my Bold. it claimed to be 1700mAh vs the default 1500mAh in the same size so I figured it was a bargain at about $10.
    It doesn't seem to last as long as the standard battery, let alone lasting longer. Hopefully, that's the worst that could happen. Even with that, I still have a spare battery for emergencies, so to me, its no biggie. Buyer beware, and I guess I got my money's worth.
    04-18-09 02:24 PM
  5. cslave's Avatar
    Heh, I bought a "new" DX1 from an eBayer that sells almost everything from the Verizon store, even dummy phones (stolen merch??). Anyways he had great reviews with the exception of a few claiming they've been sent used, not new products. So I'm pretty confident I got an official one.

    Eh, I wouldn't mind either way, since it can't be much older than November.. Hope it comes soon!

    EDIT: it was $18

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    04-18-09 09:49 PM
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    I've heard of some fake batteries exploding so if you're trying to get rid of your Storm so you can get a Niagara go for it. Just make sure that you don't mind getting moderate-severe burns in that region of your body where most people carry their phones...
    04-19-09 12:41 AM
  7. cslave's Avatar
    Yeah I've heard of batteries using depreciated technology doing that. However all the reports I saw were from camera/camcorder batteries, so I was wondering, could it happen to a blackberry too??

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    04-19-09 01:13 AM
  8. rrrebo's Avatar
    I recently ordered a standard CS-2 battery for my wife's Curve from an Amazon merchant for $6.99 NEW. It arrived defective. So did the replacement. Dead dead deadski. Mind you, the seller was very responsive; answered me personally, sent free replacement immediately, and immediately refunded my $ + shipping when that one was dead,too. Ordered one from crackberry.com for $20, arrived next day, works perfectly. YMMV.

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    04-19-09 01:59 AM