1. Villordsutch's Avatar
    Yesterday I had a few nightmares with my phone.

    - Froze on uploading a picture to fb forcing me to removing battery
    - then...After that when ever I remove bb from case it went to a video camera mode automatically the only way to get it out of this was to press camera to return to home screen
    - then...it refused to let me access fb, froze the phone for about 10 seconds and returned with an error message.
    - I had to delete the fb app via the desktop manager.
    - Reinstall fb, however when I try to upload a picture if I am not in a wifi zone it throws a No Wifi message at me.

    Can anyone please help me resolve this issue as I use my fb all the time inc. the photo upload function?

    Thank you in advance.

    02-06-11 12:21 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    If you have assigned one of the convience keys to Video, you may be pressing it when you remove it from the case. You can test that with the Mute/Standby button on the top. If it works normaly, check your settings at:

    Options / Screen/Keyboard.

    Check out your Wifi with:

    Connections / Wifi Options. Menu / Wifi Diagnostics

    If you have a good connection you will see two Green checkmarks and Network Aquired message in Status.

    Scroll down to BlackBerry Infrastructure. It should have three Green checkmarks.
    02-06-11 12:32 PM
  3. Villordsutch's Avatar
    Do you have any steps that can set my Facebook up so it doesn't try to want a WiFi signal when I try to upload a picture. Just bog standard connection?
    02-06-11 04:57 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Sorry, I do not experience that problem with Facebook with either my carrier or when I am connected to Wifi. The only suggestion I can offer is to remove it and download it again.

    Viewing comments on the other hand, fails most of the time. Next build, Please.
    02-06-11 07:08 PM
  5. Villordsutch's Avatar
    Re-installed via Desktop installation.

    All seems great now.

    02-07-11 08:02 AM