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    Given that FB is the topic-du-jour, here's an article of them admitting that the Google/Android stronghold poses a significant risk going forward.

    Facebook fears Google could force it off Android mobiles - Telegraph

    It's funny how the phone pictured is a BB, when FB did NOT even develop the FB app for BB (RIM did). I.e., all the games that are developed for the FB [mobile] platform currently CANNOT be played on BB. If FB was indeed concerned, why does it not not spend more time and resources (they already have $$, and more is coming) developing for platforms outside of iOS and Android? On the FB platform dev page, it doesn't say anything about BB or Win7 phones. https://www.facebook.com/FacebookMob...17407981700050

    For FB to put their $$ where their mouth is, if they really are so concerned, they really should start supporting BB (if only BB10 forward), taking back the responsibility of coming up with a great, standard and integrated FB app, and not having to "outsource" that to the RIM team, since the current FB for BB product, while solid, is not fully compatible with all that's going on on the standard FB for mobile platform). Hopefully this will mean a better FB experience for BB users in the future.
    02-02-12 03:56 PM