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    Greetings Everyone,

    I just thought I would share the experience I had with RIM technicians when working on the Bricking issue. I currently have a Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 both with Verizon and they both bricked the same night when I gave the go ahead for the OTA OS upgrade to 7.1 they both Bricked within an hour of the upgrade - side note (the torch went through the upgrade amazingly fast - not so much the bold).

    After trying to troubleshoot the bricking problem myself, I called RIM technical support directly instead of calling the idiots at Verizon. I called late on a Saturday, here is what I got after explaining the issue.

    Tech 1 (female): Very nice, but asked me several times if I had spoken to and troubleshooted with my carrier already and I said yes (although lying). She asked me a handful of questions about my device and what I was doing with it when it Bricked etc.... and she had me pull the battery and try to restart (monkey tricks). She said a problem definitely existed (no ) and would transfer me to a more experienced technician. BTW She mentioned how she had not run into this issue before

    almost 10 min of waiting for next tech

    Tech 2 (male): Super cool, also asked me if I had spoke with my carrier, of course I said yes. Hey runs me through AppLoader.exe twice and once through standard DM. He says this is a new issue he's encountered because my phone isn't displaying an actual error message. Says he'll transfer me to a Senior technician (this guy better be Jesus Christ)

    almost instant transfer

    Tech 3 (male): almost as old as Jesus Christ, very professional. He runs me through command prompt loader/nojvm a couple times but and of course still stuck at reconnecting to JVM....... He apologizes, and says he doesn't mean to leave me out to hang but he can't help me, that this is an issue he's never run into before....... I told him that its the Bricking issue, that I read online how RIM acknowledged the problem and was working on an update for the issue, said I read the announcement on Crackberry via CNBC or whatever. He was unfamiliar with crackberry and said he hadn't heard of the Bricking issue and wished the company would tell him this stuff....... We ended the call with a few good-nights.

    My overall opinion, RIM techs are nice people..... but RIM isn't doing anything about the problem, and if they are, they're not telling anyone whats wrong or how they're fixing it.
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    wow, what journey eh=p
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    A lot of people at RIM never heard of Crackberry or the alike forums. We are actually just a very small community in hindsight to the rest of the world. Then again he could be lying as well.

    Don't care what people make this bricking issue seem so small, but it is big and needs taken care of ......months ago!

    Holding me back.

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