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    I wasn't sure which section as this doesn't appear to be model specific. We have 8310 Curves and 9000 Bolds.

    A particular excel 2007 spreadsheet (xlsx) with no formulas, just numbers, has 2 columns of percentages rounded to 0 decimal places.
    When opening as an attachment on a Blackberry, the entries vary with whole numbers and others with 10 decimal places. There doesn't appear to be a pattern. Some values are 10 decimal places but rounded, some aren't. Some are just 1 decimal place, but still display to 10 decimal places, but others are rounded.

    I have attached the file in zip.

    Although users aren't expected to edit the attachment when received, I'd like to find an explanation or solution beyond simply telling users to pdf the file before attaching.

    12-05-10 08:37 PM
  2. nfld_sapper's Avatar
    No problems on Docs To Go Premium.........
    12-05-10 08:47 PM
  3. ttfmaep's Avatar
    Like nfld, I find it is OK when opened in Sheet To Go.

    I also looked at this on my computer, and I see that some of the values are whole numbers and others have many decimal places. So apparently the native BB viewer is displaying the actual numbers, and not the formatted 0 decimal places. The best solution is to ask the owner of the document to clean it up.
    12-06-10 07:48 AM
  4. bckohary's Avatar
    Actually it's not quite doing that.
    the first number in the third column is displaying as 28% on both as it should, but the original number is 28.3464566929134%

    Whereas the next number is 7.95652173913043% and displays as 8% on the sheet, but on the BB it's 7.9565217391304344E-2%

    Further down you have 7.1,6.8,8,4.8 all rounded to whole numbers in the spreadsheet, but displaying on the BB to more than 10 decimal points.

    Anyway, I tried to clean it up using =round(cell, 2) and then pasted the values over the existing ones. This removed some but others still display to 10 decimals on the BB.

    I then deleted those entries and manually entered the whole numbers.
    The result still displays 7% as 7.000000000 etc.

    Also, further down the column, next section the percentages are being displayed as 0.11 etc. even though the column specifically is set to percantage formate and I also manually re-entered them afterwards.

    Oh well, it's documents to go premium or pdf.
    12-06-10 04:07 PM
  5. ttfmaep's Avatar
    I used the Free version of Sheet To Go. You don't need to pay for the Premium. Users can open Word To Go and check for an update from there. Then they will get Sheet To Go (as well as any updates). (IIRC)
    12-06-10 04:38 PM