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    Not sure which forum to post this in, but here goes:

    I received this error message multiple times trying to install Starry Nights. I called Starry Nights (ATT is useless) and they thought I might need a software upgrade but are going to check on their end. I was looking through some other threads and saw versions of this error message referenced but never explained or responded to.

    Can (will) anyone tell me what causes this error? Also, I see I'm om v2.2.89 (platform and there seems to be a later release from ATT. Is it worth upgrading before 4.3? Could my platform verson be the cause of this error message?
    11-05-07 02:54 PM
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    Update. Last night I cleared my browser cache and deleted all cookies and browsing history. This morning the download and install of Starry Nights went well and the app looks like a lot of fun. I've never gotten an answer to what the error message means. I asked ATT, Starry Nights (who were very nice and responsive), and on forums other than here on CB. People note the error or something similar. No one can explain it. So, now I think there are probably two rules: pull the battery (which I didn't in this case) and clear out your browser and cookies.

    I'm going to sit back and look at the sky (on my Curve).
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    11-06-07 12:15 PM
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    Ok go back to one of the installed theme that you do not get the error msg on open up the browser: clear cache/delete history change the start up page mine was google i change it to verizon startup page and it worked!!
    07-21-10 09:59 AM