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    Hi, I've been trying to upgrade my phone several times but it's not working, as you can see in my name I own a BlackBerry Bold 9780, when upgrading on Desktop Software Version:6.1 I click the 'Update' button under my current version and I proceed this process until I come with a green bar loading and then this box comes up, Title: Handheld Application Loader Wizard and it says something about an error and it has to close, so I clock the button 'Close' on the box and then the upgrading box also closes and my phone hasn't been upgraded, whilst trying to use Loader.exe it gets up to the stage when my phone need to be detected I click ok it says Connecting to Device (JVM) and then the Handheld Application Loader box comes up again I click close and Loader.exe has froze and become Unresponsive so I wait that it might come back up and it doesn't.

    PLEASE PLEASE Help CrackBerry I know your experts on Blackberry's.
    12-20-11 03:26 AM
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    Please someone suggest a way I can fix this problem PLEASE, I have also tryed to Uninstall and Reinstall Desktop Software multiple times
    12-20-11 08:59 AM
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    Please someone reply :/
    12-21-11 02:42 AM
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    Would anyone like to reply?

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    01-04-12 04:59 PM