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    I have a Bold 9650, I need to fix an error 603 that I got from downloading and installing Foursquared from the App store. As foursquare does, it updated my BBID and after that, asked me to preform a Battery pull. I did and now when i reboot i get an error. Net.rim.device.api.controlledaccess. Null something.

    The problem is that my laptop with all of my Backups is in Texas right now because Fedex sucks are shipping to the correct location.

    Anyways. I just need help with my poor phone. I don't know if anyone has tried, but when i tried to connect via BBSAK with Virtual Box on a Mac, It would not read the BlackBerry at all.

    I need to know if I can fix the error without a restore or if i can back it up when i use a Native PC. I will not get my laptop back for a week.

    Thank you dears.
    07-30-11 09:16 AM
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    The first step is to restart in BlackBerry safe mode. Hold down the Esc key during startup. That will prevent third party software from starting.

    Next, Options / Advanced Options / Applications. Locate and delete the application you suspect is causing the failure. Restart it normaly and verify it works correctly again.

    Re-check the list of models that application has approved for use, and double check you are getting the correct version.
    07-30-11 11:47 AM
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    I forgot to mention that even in safemode it won't work?

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    07-30-11 03:52 PM
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    The next step is to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Install to selectively remove the offending application.
    07-30-11 04:22 PM
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    Won't allow me to connect before it goes to Error 603.

    About 10 seconds after it turns on, it goes to the error 603 thing.

    BBSAK won't work, DM won't work.

    It dies even when it is on Safemode. I can't even wipe it because, 603 happens before BBSAK can connect.

    -------------IT FINALLY CONNECTED-----------------
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    07-30-11 07:43 PM
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    After about the 30th try,

    Download BBSAK.
    Download DM 6.0.1
    Right when phone turns on(on normal mode[not safe mode]) connect with BBSAK.
    Right when it gets on, read system and remove BBID.

    The end. Finally.
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    07-30-11 08:04 PM
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    I had this during August just when I got my new BB and totaly flipped cause the phone would not respond.

    The problem arises from the use of BB App World and the way it communicates with BB 9800. It appears that this technologie is still experimental because a lot of BB 9800 users have given up and tossed the phone on a hard wall from what I gather from the many forums and posts I searched to solve this for myself.

    The service provider in Greece (Cosmote) called me and verified my question as to what I mentioned above and said that "the whole thing is new and has bugs, bare with us".

    Solution: The phone must be wiped clean from any information before a new installation of the software can take place so the following steps may work for most but please keep in mind they worked for me 100%.

    1. Download BBSAK from anywhere you can find it and do a clean wipe of everything on the phone (no way to retrieve data, just accept that you have lost everything). After the wipe has taken place the phone will show a 507 message (I think from what I remember, don't freak out)

    2. Uninstall BB Desktop Software (I mean kill anything on your PC that has to do with your device)

    3. After your PC is totaly clean from anything that has to do with BB ever, RE-install the BB Desktop Software and you must also have an online connection to go through the various steps that will follow.

    4. Connect your clean phone to your PC and WHAM, it will connect (you can see it working on your 9800 screen) and will ask you to re-install everything on your phone, say YES! haha and there you go all set.

    Word of advice... unless RIM complies that we are not in danger from any more 603 messages by using BB App World don't over do it with the upgrading. Cheers!
    09-14-11 03:47 AM