1. danette's Avatar
    Our enterprise server stops sending mail to random people. Has anyone else seen this and know a solution? When I ask the server administrator to check the server, he says it shows that the mail is being pushed, but nothing goes to the device. We have over 50 users, and this is only affecting 3 users today that I am aware of. They restarted the server last night, but it didn't help any of them. All of them have done several hard restarts by pulling the battery. I'm ready to wipe the BB and reactivate unless someone has another idea. All of the users are using different devices and different carriers- 2 are T-Mobile, one Verizon.
    08-21-07 03:09 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Messaging service might have needed to be restarted. But, since the server was restarted, that would have taken care of that...

    I suggest, as a test, remove one use, including the statistics, and then re-add them. If that fails, have the admin call RIM to troubleshoot.

    Ps: I take it said users with the issue are on DIFFERENT carriers? If not, it could be a carrier issue, i.e. no EDGE service, etc, etc...
    08-21-07 07:29 PM
  3. jcigarra's Avatar
    Are you searched into the BES logs for User errors?
    I Think that you will be find the cause of the problem on the Dispatcher Logs.
    08-23-07 11:25 AM