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    Hello fellow Crackberry members,

    This is my first post here so here goes my Blackberry story.

    My very first smartphone was not a Blackberry but was actually a HTC Touch Dual but without a data plan. It came time that I had to renew my plan and unfortunately my carrier forced an increase in price with my voice plan that wasn't far off from a data plan. So I decided to pay a bit more for a data plan and became a free agent to pick any phone I wanted.

    Key features I needed were:
    - good voice call quality
    - battery life and replaceable battery
    - comfortable form factor
    - ruggedness and quality build in hardware
    - ease of email access (still the killer app)
    - touchscreen
    - full physical QWERTY keyboard
    - ease of social networking (facebook, twitter, etc)
    - messaging
    - able to play music and movies to decent quality and performance

    I tried years of touchscreen typing and no matter what ways have been used via software to improve things, I was too frustrated making errors and corrections that I wanted to throw my phone. Smartphones trying to do everything killed whatever battery life I needed to do what a phone is supposed to do and that's to call someone!

    The Blackberry Torch just came out at the time and delivered everything I needed compared to the other phones out there. Decent screen size and option to type off a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard were there. These were my needs and this phone has delivered. Yes, the hourglass showing up at times slightly annoy me but I'm quite patient most of the time so I've overlooked that. I never cared for BBM before but it came as a bonus and now I'm connected to all my family, friends and contacts on BB.

    Next companion tech was a tablet. I travel a lot so I need to be as portable as possible. May it be for being on a plane, subway, or bus - it had to be something that didn't require me carrying a larger bag than I needed and didn't put extra weight when carrying it. Also, carrying it with one hand (especially during rush hour in the subway when I need one hand to grab on a pole) was sometimes the norm. I used to mainly use my Nokia n800 tablet (with portable bluetooth keyboard) but the screen was too small for web browsing and office apps. I also invested in a small netbook but again, not portable as I needed it to be. After testing Galaxy Tab 7", iPad 1 and 2, Xoom, Transformer - Playbook came out on top.

    It had:

    - great travel size, weight and ergonomic (long use in any type of setting may it be for reading, browsing, movie watching, game playing)
    - superior build quality (didn't feel cheap and was comfortable to use with two or one hand)
    - performance (can smoothly run heavy duty apps or multiple apps at once)
    - good UI (swiping is smooth, intuitive, and fun!)
    - desktop like web browsing (Flash is still a major part of the WWW)
    - great screen resolution (pixel density makes HD pictures and videos just pleasing to the eye)
    - office apps (presentation mode for powerpoint is great)
    - video playing (most movie formats supported and HDMI out allows this to be a portable HTPC and great for usage in hotels with LCDs)
    - high quality stereo speakers (great for videos, music, and games without using earphones)

    You are probably wondering what happened to e-mail, calendar, and BBM. Well, I hardly use it on the tablet even to this day. I'm used to checking email/calendar either off my phone or on a desktop using a browser and this was before tablets even existed. How did these things became such a big deal for the Playbook? What a shame. Well, the good thing about bridge is security so that should you ever lose your tablet or decide to let a friend, family member, or perfect stranger use it - no worries on anyone scoping out your personal emails, calendar items, tasks, etc. Then there's the thing about sharing your phone data plan with the bridge browser.

    I picked up my 64GB Playbook pretty much full price and everybody was surprised this little thing I carried around with me could deliver such a punch compared to the competition. Now that the discounts are rolling around, am I upset? Not one bit. If RIM didn't drop the prices during Black Friday and the Xmas holidays to compete with all the other sales, they would lose out big time. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place but it's proven that there is huge demand and awareness now for the Playbook. Much better than the alternative of little or no demand right? Plus, as many have said, gets in the hands of more users and utlimately developers. I just bought EA and Gameloft games on sale such as DeadSpace, Starfront, NOVA 2 and they are quite impressive on the Playbook. Worth the full price and a steal on sale.

    I bought extra Playbooks as gifts (my parents love their Playbook and have proven seniors with no technology know-how can adopt if they have the will to learn). I picked up another Playbook just for development purposes as I may consider creating native QNX/BBX apps.

    Well, that's my testimonial for choosing Blackberry to meet my needs! Apologies if this is too long a read.


    Here are some pictures I've taken that I hope BB fans would like. I used the Playbook to take shots of the Playbook ad on the Nasdaq signage in NYC - Times Square and a Blackberry Store in Newark International Airport.

    The salesperson at the Blackberry Store said they keep selling out their Playbooks and helped her in her recent acquisition of a Playbook by telling her about the Scrapbook app and also using open source Handbrake software to convert her movies. It was really cool to feel the genuine respect and the ease to help one another. Hope I helped that store to promote to travelers better!
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    This was deja vu for me, except the part about Times square and Newark....
    I took mine to Paris and Versailles.
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