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    Lets have a gathering of the minds People....(This has mostly to due with the 8830WE for verizon...but this is good information for all BB users)

    In my opinion... It is evident that blackberry as well as Verizon understand that the GPS device has been crippled. This can be seen from the hundreds of posts and replys from verizon as well as from the blackberry technical solution center...Blackberry Technical solutions has this to say regarding the GPS functionality

    "The Start GPS option in BlackBerry Maps, which allows BlackBerry smartphone users to track their movements using a Global Positioning System (GPS), is not available on the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone from Verizon Wireless. This is by design."

    In other words:
    Blackberry is apparently ok with the phone being crippled as well....yet on their site they say that the blackberry 8830 WE comes with a functioning GPS which paired with their maps program can give directions and such...

    My Request
    ALL PEOPLE WHO KNOW ANY HOT KEY COMMANDS...for example typing ##000000 send will enable the "CDMA Service Edit Screen" please post them here...There must be a way that verizon tests these phones and the GPS chip which is built inside of them. If we can learn how they test them...I am sure we can learn to unlcok them.

    Please explain what you know about any screen that is brough up...for example the "CDMA Service Edit Screen" has an abundant amount of options...if someone can explain them please let me know.


    Example Response:
    Phone: 8830WE
    command: ##000000 send "CDMA Service Edit Screen"
    *list of options under screen and description...*
    03-26-08 02:07 PM