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    Hi i've got the bb Z30 since this summer and i love the new bb10 os !! I love trying things and getting the limits of my stuff ^^. I tryed unnoficial versions of bb10 just to see and it's pretty cool, they work a lot. =)

    Well i'm here to discuss on the "desktops" we can get on bb10... Thx to some app for free android apps i found some weird softwares trying games to see what work and what doesn't... And what i found was TSF shell , APUS, GO??(Go launcher but half chinese i think...), iOS Launcher & Lockscreen. They all "work'. I mean they launch an app that contain a "desktop" with apps... Some of my apps android on my bb and other apps specific to the "desktop" used. And i was wondering, is it possible to do like on computers, CAN WE EMULATE OTHER PHONE OS COMPLETELY ? We can partially, then i thought maybe some solution exist, and maybe android apps will work better on an emulated android "desktop"? Or maybe one day we will be able to have multiboot on phones!! =D

    It's surelly useless because every os can almost do the same things and apps are almost on every shop ( only bbworld keep sucking behind the others to my mind...)

    I'd really like to see how others work, i had a bb torch, with old os, i tryed ios 7 with an iphone 4 and now i got bb10, and i'd love to test ios8, windows phone, and the different android versions of "desktop" without having to buy a new phone since the z30 seams to be powerfull enought...

    Excuse my bad english and feel free to correct me =).
    11-03-14 05:19 PM
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    Perhaps in the near future we will see QNX sandbox multiple OS softwares. I know back some time they were running ios within QNX. Legally will it ever be allowed is another story. However it does speak volumes of the potential power and flexibility of QNX. We can only wait to see what BlackBerry can and will do. Blend for example I believe can do much more than what is offered without BES10. However, what are the legal boundaries/agreements of today. That is why Blend sticks within in own confines of BB10. Perhaps this is the only argument i would put forth for a synergy between BlackBerry and Microsoft.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 07:33 PM

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