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    EDIT: It appears this may be something non-blackberry related, so this can be ignored.


    I have 5 email accounts on BIS, a Storm will lots of memory (18 MB), keep messages is set to 30 days, and wireless reconcile off.

    Overnight, emails come into my blackberry, and when I turn on my computer in the morning, I get all of the emails into Thunderbird. Unfortunately this morning I received no emails into Thunderbird, I checked my webmail on my mail server as well.... no emails.

    To test, I sent myself an email and waited a while. I received the email on my blackberry, but when I opened up Thunderbird the email wasn't there - but I did receive a few other emails that just came in (they also made it to my blackberry).

    After investigating a bit more, what seems to happen is that emails are disappearing off my mail server approximately 10 mins after they show up on my blackberry. I'm still able to reply, forward and view attachments on the messages on my blackberry without any problems or error messages.

    This is the first time I am seeing this problem in my 3.5 years using BIS.

    Anyone else seeing this problem or have any suggestions?
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