1. wardmike's Avatar
    I've got a 8900 running on an enterprise exchange with my work email.
    On occasional emails and only to a few recipients the email text I send just comes through with all the letters replaced by question marks.
    I'm using a standard blackberry font that works with everyone else.
    Anyone experienced this or know of a reason/solution?
    09-09-09 04:38 AM
  2. whiteboxman's Avatar
    One of our client is having the same problem, When she sends messages from her blackberry, they appear to be seen as ?????? by the receiver.

    Has there been anyone who has resolved this problem?
    09-07-11 06:39 AM
  3. woow's Avatar
    it was the same with me after I updated my BB 9780 with OS which wasn't compatible with my service provider after I downgrade to pervious OS everything goes well
    09-08-11 05:45 AM