1. Mike_19069's Avatar

    Has anyone encountered an issue with the latest Android update to Samsung J5 phones which stops email sync with the mailbox. Another problem is the J5's will not activate and reported an unexpected internal error 901.
    We are using BES12 and UEM Client.


    01-12-18 10:04 AM
  2. Blackberry Keytwo's Avatar
    Hi Mike, the cause for this happening is almost always an inability to connect to the backend Microsoft Exchange Server. The network tunneling required to securely access corporate data requires the configuration and maintenance of a sophisticated networking topology. The most common problem causing the issue is a misconfiguration of the internal corporate network.
    You can start off by waiting to see if the problem will resolve it's self over the hours.
    OR, if the issue persists after 1 hour, contact you IT administrator. User can contact the blackberry support team if they require assistance to diagnose the underlying issues.
    I hope that this helps!
    01-12-18 10:48 AM
  3. Mike_19069's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. The issue is only with J5 models with the 7.1.1 update. J3's working fine. Call logged with Blackberry but not a reply from them since I submitted BES logs.
    01-13-18 01:28 PM
  4. brianwands's Avatar
    Mike, We are having the exact same issue with J5 handsets. did you ever get to the bottom of the problem?
    01-19-18 05:31 AM

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