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    Hi can any assist me PLEASE

    I have a 8310 curve and i have Telmap sat nav installed. 2 weeks ago the sat nav went down so i contacted Telmap who went through a complete set of instructions for re-installing it.

    As if by magic it worked BUT i have now lost my email settings icon and i need to add some other email addresses, also this morning i received an email from BB saying that i have to reset or confirm my password as i am now not receiving emails......great as i use this for business

    So if any of you can advise me what to do i would be eternally grateful


    03-07-09 05:40 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    I can't see what provider you have as I am on wap. Log into your providers bis site using your pc and put the password for the email account in question. While your there you can add the other accounts too. If you don't know what the address for your bis is, you can look in the tip section of the forum. I think it is titled "what is my service providers bis" or something like that.

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    03-07-09 05:52 AM