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    I have a Bold 9700 on T-Mobile, it's activated and working properly except...

    I also have a MyTouch 3G that has, in the past, been activated on T-Mobile. It currently has no SIM card (that's in the 9700) but it does have a WiFi connection and I'm able to browse, etc.

    All my email is coming to the MyTouch 3G.

    Both *should* receive the emails or only the BB should because the MyTouch 3G isn't activated! Both are set to receive from my pop3 server at Cox.net and both are set to not deleted email from the server.

    I just checked the webmail on the server and all the emails that went to the MyTouch 3g are there, marked as 'unread' but the 9700 does not get them.

    NOTE: If I turn off the MyTouch 3G the 9700 will receive email but not the ones already sent to the MyTouch 3G...

    Can anyone tell me why?
    09-22-10 04:01 PM