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    Wondering if anyone knows what is causing this BELOW.

    I currently have two email accounts on my BB - one is a work account and the other is a personal pop3 account. Both work fine, however the last couple of days I have noticed something that I can't figure out.

    I am receiving emails on my BB (from my pop3 account) that DO NOT appear on my computer when I check for that email. I typically ONLY delete emails received on my BB from my personal pop3 that I don't want to apply a rule to - that way I can ADD them to my junk/spam filter.

    (i.e. I use "Delete message On Handheld" - not "Delete message On Mailbox and Handheld")

    It is spam and I wanted to filter it - but it is NOT listed in my computer's email program (inbox or spam filter folder etc).

    I am currently using BBSmart and have verified that the email on my BB was addressed to my personal pop3 account - but why does it 'only" appear on my BB and not my computer email?

    The weird thing is that most pop3 emails appear on both my BB and computer, but a couple only appear on my BB email. How is this possible?

    Any ideas?

    ( I know one solution would be to forward my personal pop3 to a gmail account where I could apply gmail's spam filter. Then remove the current pop3 account on my BB and ADD the new gmail account on my BB. But I still don't understand why I can't find the email in question that is addressed to my current pop3 and viewed on my BB, but not found anywhere on the SAME account on my computer?

    Thanks in advance!
    02-09-08 11:52 AM