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    I have several different work email accounts that i manage under one domain name. I wanted to know if there is a way to reply to and email that come to my info@blahblah.com account with say my personal account, kyle@blahblah.com.

    Currently, when I click on an email that came into the info@ box, and hit reply it doesn't let me change the "sent using:" box at the top.

    just wondering if you can open this up.
    10-27-11 09:14 PM
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    Set the "reply to" config for the info@... account to be kyle@...

    How many accounts on your phone? Both of these? Or just one?
    10-27-11 09:17 PM
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    Yes, both are on my phone.
    10-27-11 09:25 PM
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    Didn't work...I'm not trying to give the person an option to reply back to me. I'm pretty much using the info@ account as a read-only file...people can send it to info@, but I want all my replies to come from kyle@
    10-27-11 10:24 PM
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    On the BlackBerry itself, if you are replying to an email, you cannot change the "From" address. If you are forwarding, you can change it.
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    10-28-11 06:10 AM
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    Hello, here is the way I do it.

    When you want to reply choose forward, like was mentioned above and instead Fw: before message subject write Re: and choose with which account you will like to reply.
    I don't know why RIM makes difference between replying and forwarding messages in terms choosing from which account you will like to reply or forward.

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    10-28-11 08:18 AM