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    I'm currently having problems with my Outlook Express....I can't Send or Receive emails thru it. Comcast had changed my POP number a couple of weeks ago and that seemed to fix it when it happened then. But again today I can neither Send nor Receive emails thru Outlook Express. And when I click on Links in emails the hour-glass just spins until I shut down the program.

    So....the Comcast tech said to use Comcast's email program online (Webmail) for now and he'd give my problem to the other techies, who would get back to me in a day or two.

    I said all that to ask this: Now that I'm using Comcast's Webmail, and only have a few of my contact addresses in there, if I do a Sync with my BB, will the Sync put all the addresses I have in my BB into Webmail for me? Anybody know? Or do I have to reset something in Desktop Manager to do this?
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