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    I don't have a BES account but trying to think of a way to have BB sent mails show up in my Outlook Sent box. Could one setup an address as say, BBsentmail@****.com, send a BCC's to that address from the BB and set up an Outlook rule to direct all emails containing BBsent@****.com to the Sent folder?
    What if something is sent from Outlook? I guess one could send a BCC to himself but it would end up in the Blackberry's Inbox and not sent box. Can rules/filters be applied in Blackberry's email client (I haven't set mine up yet)?

    On a similar note, if the Blackberry server pushes the email to my blackberry before Outlook has a chanse to receive it, will Outlook still download it? Does BB leave a copy on the server?

    Also, I still have a ton of emails on my server because Outlook is already set to leave a copy on the server. If I don't delete these, BB will download all of them, correct?

    Thanks for the help,
    02-07-10 03:14 PM