1. Amanensia's Avatar
    Hello all, I hope you can help with this.

    I have a Curve 8310 and am using BIS in the UK (carrier is O2).

    Until recently I had an 8300 and everything was fine. I lost the phone and it was replaced with an 8310. I have it set up to receive and send emails just fine, but I am having trouble with email reconciliation.

    Firstly, if I delete an email on the Blackberry, this is not propagated back to the server, so next time I do a send/receive at home, I still pick up all the deleted messages. The Blackberry itself is definitely set to delete on "Mailbox & Handheld" - and I have changed this, saved the changes and then changed it back to "Mailbox & Handheld" several times.

    Secondly - and this has JUST started happening - if I download and delete emails in Outlook at home, this doesn't propagate to the Blackberry. I am not using any form of spam filter, and I am not emptying the "Deleted items" folder in Outlook.

    I have tried downloading a new version of Desktop Manager, and I have tried reloading the OS to the Blackberry itself, but nothing makes any difference. All this was working just fine on my old 8300, and I am not doing anything differently now. It means that every single email I receive has to be dealt with twice - on the Blackberry, and within Outlook.

    Please, does anyone have any ideas? I've tried speaking to O2 and they are of no use - I can't seem to get through to anyone who knows anything about it.

    Huge thanks in advance.
    06-21-08 09:21 AM
  2. tyroni's Avatar
    Since you stated that you have the "Delete On" set for "Mailbox & Handheld", you probably also have email the "Wireless Reconcile" set to "ON" also, correct?
    Also, check and make sure that in General Options, the "Hide filed email" is set to "Yes"
    06-21-08 10:19 AM
  3. Amanensia's Avatar
    Wireless reconcile is set to "ON", yes.

    Hide filed email was set to "no", but setting it to "yes" hasn't changed anything.

    Any other ideas, anyone? Please? Everything was just hunky dory on my old 8300...
    06-21-08 06:07 PM
  4. tyroni's Avatar
    Have you tried a battery pull? Just for kicks, set the "Delete On" to Prompt, to see what is does.
    06-21-08 06:34 PM