1. Squintnose's Avatar
    I've a bit of a problem and am looking for some guidance please? I need to move so old emails from my 8900 to the Bold 9000 that I'm currently using. I have only one valid BB enabled simcard (now in the 9000) with emaild accounts successfully transferred, but I cannot find a way to move the emails on the 8900 to the Bold. I've tried the Desktop Manager but cannot see a section for transferring only the mail. Contacts & Ca;endar were previously synch'd with Outlook so there was no problem downloading that data. Any help, pointers would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
    05-22-10 11:09 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Use the Device Switch Wizard in BlackBerry Desktop Manager if you want to transfer ALL the data from one BlackBerry to another.


    Do a Backup of the first device and Restore it to the second device. Use the Advanced Option if you only want to transfer specific databases.
    05-22-10 11:26 AM