1. CarolNJ's Avatar
    I just got the BB Bold from Verizon...I did the backup and restore from BB Tour...everything went fine but now I am having email issues. When I first got the BB, I set up the vzw.blackberry.net email...I am trying to restore my email accounts but have to restore this email addy first before getting to the other ones and I can't remember the password...I click the forgot password but then asks me for my answer to my secret question, and I don't know what the question is to answer it? I called Verizon and they says that they cant see that info on their end that I have to call RIM...is this right? I tried calling the RIM number but it is a pay service...I have to pay to reset my password on an account I dont even use? I just want to get to my AOL & work email??? HELP!!
    10-04-10 08:19 PM
  2. bad_boy321's Avatar
    Are you having issues with the vzw email or the pop email? If you can't get the password for your blackberry email you may have to create a new one, especially if you forgot the password and the secret question.
    10-04-10 08:22 PM
  3. CarolNJ's Avatar
    When I go into email settings, it wont let me get past the vxw.blackberry.net setup...its like I have to do this one to get to the other ones? Or can I bypass this somehow? I really just want to restore my AOL and work email accounts.
    10-04-10 08:28 PM
  4. CarolNJ's Avatar
    Ok was able to get in and just delete that account...phew
    10-04-10 08:40 PM