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    I just got this blackberry (pearl flip 8230). Problem is, I bought it off a friend because my old cell crapped out on me, and it still has his email info on it. It didn't occur to me to have this fixed until after the store closed. When I try to make a new account, I get a cannot create error which asks for Device PIN and ESN/MEID. How do I find this (if it matters). Any other advise is also appreciated.
    09-28-10 08:08 PM
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    So I don't think the PIN or ESN matter. Is there anyway to reset this?
    09-28-10 08:14 PM
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    Presumably the account already exists in the carrier's BIS database. It will need to be deleted to create a new account for you. One solution would be to have the owner call the carrier to delete it, then delete those service books from your device. You should then be able to create your new account.

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    09-28-10 08:49 PM
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    You can wipe the handheld to restore it to a 'factory shipped' state. Beware that all data, email settings and apps will be lost. If you have your data on the device, backup the device first.

    Menu - options - security options - menu - wipe handheld.

    As the poster above said, tell your friend to get the pin released from the original carrier. Otherwise you may not be able to create a new BIS account for you.

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    09-29-10 04:03 PM