1. jodido1975's Avatar
    So I have completely rigged my Lotus Notes to be synced to my BB, since I work for cheapos who won't give me a network connection.

    I downloaded a program that syncs Lotus Calendar to Gmail.

    I have Google Sync on my phone to then Sync Calendar to BB.

    In Gmail, I send all my emails from my work address.

    I have Lotus forward all my emails to my Gmail account so that I get them on my BB.

    HOWEVER, I cannot figure out how to send emails through Gmail on my BB, but have the address that comes up to the receipient appear to be from my work address.

    Any help?
    11-17-10 01:33 PM
  2. diaz1023's Avatar
    have you checked on the BIS site for your BB. i think that you might be able to make the changes you want there, just a thought
    11-17-10 04:00 PM