1. Turkish#CB's Avatar
    I'm new to the blackberry thang??

    Can anyone advise me how to filter junk mail from my inbox please?
    09-30-07 01:42 PM
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    Blackberry doesn't have a spam filter, but you can try this:
    Use GMail as a Free Spam Filter for Your CrackBerry

    GMail has the best spam filter out there in my opinion.
    09-30-07 02:06 PM
  3. wolfscmb's Avatar
    do you have BIS or BES? if you have BIS you can go to your carrier's website and set up filters there ... my boyfriend has it set up so that only people he has listed gets set to his BB as he gets about a million spam emails a day.
    10-01-07 08:16 AM
  4. Turkish#CB's Avatar
    Thanks for your help....but

    How do I set my unfiltered mail to forward to spam@gmail.com?? I'm using Microsoft Outlook, alot of my junk mail goes straight into the junk mail folder on my PC, but the whole lot comes through to my blackberry!! It's vibrating all day long!

    What is a BIS and BES?
    10-01-07 11:44 AM
  5. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    BIS is Blackberry Internet Service and BES is Blackberry Enterprise Server. You are most likely on BIS. You would have to login to your BIS site (carrier specific) and edit your filters. Not sure you can just get the unfiltered mail to forward though. If you do a little recon I'm sure you can figure something out though. You can setup subject filters and such, might help a bit for now.
    10-01-07 11:53 AM