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    I am fairly a newbie (6 months) to Blackberry...Quick question.
    When I go compose an email and start to type a letter a drop down appears and I can scroll down and pick whatever. The problem is the drop down seems to be only my "personal" contacts not the entire contact list. Now, if I take the battery out then try it again, it works correctly and shows all my email/contact addresses when I enter a letter but then shortly after only shows the filter of my "personal" contacts/
    Cant figure out what to do
    Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated
    05-22-08 11:29 AM
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    hmm. ive never heard of this. it may be a problem with your software. take your phone to a verizon store and have them look at it.. that would be my advice. just make sure that you get a rep that actually knows about and has experience with blackberries... otherwise youll be sol.
    05-22-08 02:09 PM
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    OoooH...I've heard of the problem. BB does it all backwards. If 'Personal' is checkmarked, then you WON'T see any you've got in Personal....and you won't see any other contacts either. I STILL haven't figured it out but UN-checkmark all the boxes and you'll probably get all your Contacts back. And....when you figure it all out, let us know how these categories (Personal, Business, etc) can actually become useful.

    P.S. Taking your battery out probably reset it so none were checkmarked, which tells me, if you do use those categories, then every time you need to remove your battery, it'll wipe out your hard work in categorizing everyone.

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    05-22-08 02:21 PM
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    thanks for the advice!
    05-26-08 08:27 PM