1. KodyShadow's Avatar
    Is anyone else noticing that emails are not being pushed to BB today? I have run tests and they show up on my pc and everywhere else, but nothing comes to BB. It's always worked fine and I have done nothing to change settings etc.
    10-08-11 10:42 AM
  2. KodyShadow's Avatar
    went into email settings on BB and got : your device encountered a problem with this applications server.

    I seem to be able to send from BB but nothing is being recd.

    Help! On my way out of town and i need to fix it!
    10-08-11 10:58 AM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Maybe Rogers is updating the BIS to 4.1.
    10-08-11 10:59 AM
  4. laurah2215's Avatar
    Could be the servers/ 4.1 issue. Maybe just wait it out.
    10-08-11 11:13 AM
  5. TgeekB's Avatar
    Working fine in the US on AT&T.
    10-08-11 11:17 AM
  6. habs_fan's Avatar
    i'm on rogers with the 9900 in ontario and it seems to be working fine
    10-08-11 11:19 AM
  7. bounce007's Avatar
    I am getting emails. Just did a test... but I am in Europe at the moment lol =D... heading back to the Americas soon!
    10-08-11 11:19 AM
  8. joefalco's Avatar
    I had a few this morning, now none. And also cannot connect to Mail Settings. Getting same error as KodyShadow. On Verizon

    10-08-11 11:25 AM
  9. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    I am on Telus, so I assure you it is not just Rogers, getting connection error from the device, went online and was able to update 1 of my 3 email signatures before it started the "encountered an error" message. Could be the 4.1 being rolled out.
    10-08-11 11:29 AM
  10. chunkymunky06's Avatar
    I am also on verizon and all I am getting is truncated due to size... but all my emails are under the RIM limits... what gives??
    10-08-11 11:32 AM
  11. charlielefaux's Avatar
    I talked to T-Mobile tech support and they said there was a planned outage this morning at 2am that is still in progress. Of course she couldn't tell me when service will be restored.

    I've had all my emails "truncated due to size."
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    10-08-11 11:37 AM
  12. dsteinke's Avatar
    I am having the 'same' problem on Rogers. My emails are coming through as truncated due to size on my 9900. I thought it might be due to installing leaked 440 os. Thinking of phoning Rogers to see what's happening.
    10-08-11 12:10 PM