1. slicksilver's Avatar
    I keep hearing all the time that BBs are the most reliable email solution for email junkies.

    Why is that emails delivered from hotmail addresses get delivered late? I've had emails not even come through!

    Most of the emails delivered from gmail addresses are instant yet sometimes they are delayed by tens of minutes? Same problem with my work email. A certain percentage say about 5-10% of the emails get delayed or are not delivered at all!

    I cross checked with my gmail, hotmail and work addresses by emailing the other to check the problem and it was the same as above. All my emails are delivered to the web interface without any problem. So its not a gmail, hotmail or my work email problem. They all appear instantly on the web interface.

    Im a previous Nokia E71 and E72 user and I can tell you that emails are always instant. Seldom did I have delays or non deliveries but when I did it was a very low percentage. Before you guys start saying go back to Nokia I must say that I had other problems with the device and keypad and hence moved to BB.

    What can be done regarding this? Is this a carrier issue or do you all have the same problem?
    02-26-10 11:01 PM
  2. afropoika's Avatar
    Gmail on BlackBerry utilizes push (for almost instant e-mail delivery), but Hotmail is pulled at intervals the BIS server chooses to wait. Search the forums, it's a known "problem" though it is due to Hotmail being POP3 only. Gmail offers IMAP support, that makes the difference.
    02-27-10 06:13 AM