1. Gyohe's Avatar
    I currently have Blackberry Tour and a Hotmail account.

    The syncing is not the best, but more importantly I really wish I had all of my folders on the Blackberry as I have on Hotmail at my computer.
    It does not look like there is a way to get this done.

    Sooooooo.......Does anyone know of an email account that transfers all of its folders over on the Blackberry?

    02-07-11 10:48 AM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    I'm afraid what you are trying to do cannot be done using BIS. The full sync and folders only comes with BES.

    You can set up a gmail account and use the gmail plug in to search your folders but it still won't actually do quite what you're looking for.

    You're only option would be to sign up for an exchange account and BESx but that's a very expesive option.

    Even though the Blackberry is known as an email phone BIS is very much a stripped down version of what the experience really should be, especially considering Android and iPhone are now capable of more than BIS except for the actual BB push.
    02-07-11 11:31 AM
  3. Gyohe's Avatar
    Thanks Mark....

    So if this is what I want, what would you suggest?
    Keep hotmail and get a new phone.....do iphone and androids do this?
    How do I get BES? Would my hotmail then work on my BB with this?
    A different Blackberry?

    02-07-11 11:42 AM