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    I'm using BIS on a Bold 9700, OS I had changed hosting on one of my email accounts (Lets call it Account X), and emails were getting a delay of about 15 minutes (which happened previously but was supposed to be fixed now), so I deleted the account and added it again. I made a backup of my phone before doing this.

    Now, when I deleted account X, its folder got deleted from my phone, but email still showed in the Unified Inbox, however if you scroll at the top of any email from that deleted account it shows "Received Using: Unknown". However, when I readded that account, what was supposed to happen is that all my old email should've shown is the account X folder, and it should've started showing "Received Using: X" in the old email details. However, that didnt happen and a fresh account X folder got created with no previous email.

    I tried the obvious and restored my backup, my account X folder got restored and old email showed in it. However, now when i got a new email, it only showed in the Unified Inbox and not in the account X folder. Also, the new email now showed "Received Using: Unknown". I called the helpline and they resend the service books, now again the X folder is refreshed without previous email and i'm back where I started.

    Any solution on how to get my old email into the X folder? They still show in the unified inbox but I cant filter them out.
    10-11-10 01:53 PM
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    You may be having an issue with your blackberrys' Default Settings. Menu/Options/Default Services. There are options to change email accounts associated by default with messages, calenders etc. Have a look and see if something needs to be changed or looks out of place. Good luck.

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    10-11-10 06:20 PM
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    Already checked that, the basic issue I see is that once I deleted and readded my email, it somehow thinks that its a new email address i've added rather than the old one, so it doesn't associate it with the old emails. The email address obviously hasn't changed, but i've actually set it up through pop now rather than imap previously.
    10-12-10 01:23 AM