View Poll Results: How do you present your BlackBerry use to the world?

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  • Flaunt It! BlackBerry User and Proud of it

    350 42.94%
  • Hide It! Tuck it away in a pocket or purse

    41 5.03%
  • Don't think about it. I just use my BB whenever or wherever I want

    424 52.02%
01-04-08 12:35 AM
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  1. sii3nt's Avatar
    Usually with the OEM pouch that came with my 8230. If i'm going to work, then I use the black holster bought through blackberry's website.
    12-10-07 07:15 PM
  2. chardae's Avatar
    Well before my clip broke last week, lol, i had a clip. i need to get a case like asap
    12-10-07 07:23 PM
  3. venuesurf's Avatar
    My 8310 sits in the OEM pouch.
    12-10-07 07:24 PM
  4. summertyme98's Avatar
    Its usually in my back pocket (which, I know, is bad for lint), my purse pocket, or even in my bra! My bra is my favorite place. Its easily accessible when i am not wearing anything with pockets or i dont take my purse with me and its close enough to my ear so i can hear it when it rings!
    12-10-07 07:46 PM
  5. BigB's Avatar
    I don't have a case yet (*ahem* santa? please?)

    so right now my BB is either in my hand, or in my left front pocket.
    12-10-07 07:47 PM
  6. jessi's Avatar
    ALWAYS on it I got it may as well Flaunt it I love my Buttons
    12-10-07 08:03 PM
  7. berrywhite's Avatar
    BB user and damn proud of it!!
    12-10-07 08:05 PM
  8. ericdouglas's Avatar
    When not in use it is in the holster on my belt. In the car it sits in one of the cup holders.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-10-07 08:49 PM
  9. wolf6can's Avatar
    I have a leather case that clips to my belt which unfortunately I had to buy because RIM/Rogers have chosen to no longer include a holster with the device, what that case(thing) was that came with it was to be used for, who knows.
    12-10-07 08:53 PM
  10. hammer03's Avatar
    Just got mine, got a case for it and clip it on my side.
    12-10-07 08:58 PM
  11. jwarkins's Avatar
    right now I keep it in my pocket but that's cause I need a good holster. Would like to get the seidio holster
    12-10-07 08:59 PM
  12. BrianH's Avatar
    I carry my blackberry in my pocket all the time, but i have a seidio hybrid case as well as a best skins ever screen protector on it so im not worried about it being in my pocket
    12-10-07 09:25 PM
  13. davisdh's Avatar
    At first, i carried my curve on my hip in the holster but here recently, i have opted for the more sleek leather pocket case.
    12-10-07 09:28 PM
  14. onepoonis's Avatar
    In my pocket. Yes, I have dust issues.
    12-10-07 09:29 PM
  15. CRZ4BB's Avatar
    Skin And Holster, Gotta Keep It Safe!!!!!
    12-10-07 09:32 PM
  16. jayhmedina's Avatar
    In my hand or in the holster, thats how I roll.
    12-10-07 09:42 PM
  17. Scott403540's Avatar
    Just put it in my pocket. The Pearl is awesome that way!
    12-10-07 09:47 PM
  18. stac147's Avatar
    I carry my Pearl in a pink OEM silicon case, and then inside my purse!!
    12-10-07 09:51 PM
  19. GotThaTech3188's Avatar
    Either in my hands or on my hip...couldn't put it through the pain of being in my pocket.
    12-10-07 10:00 PM
  20. TimHassell's Avatar
    most of the time it in my hand b/c i am reading or writing emails or text massage or on it.. the rest of the time it on my hip
    12-10-07 10:01 PM
  21. jumper3006's Avatar
    I usually just carry it in my hand or in my pocket.

    It's wrapped in a black rubber skin and a screen protector
    12-10-07 10:11 PM
  22. corymcnutt's Avatar
    I keep mine in a Sena pouch, in my pocket...and I whip it out proudly and show everybody...most people ask about it.
    12-10-07 10:13 PM
  23. Blacklatino's Avatar
    I have a beautiful (black) blackberry swivel case I purchased online
    12-10-07 10:58 PM
  24. dblo7's Avatar
    on the original belt clip under a t-shirt or jacket but i look bad *** with it out anyway so it doesn't matter
    12-10-07 11:27 PM
  25. Tactical_Berry's Avatar
    I'm waiting on my lambskin case/holster in the mail.

    Of the 50 hours/week I'm at work, it's on my desk for people to marvel at
    12-10-07 11:28 PM
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