View Poll Results: Are you addicted to your BlackBerry?

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    540 72.48%
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    55 7.38%
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01-01-08 01:32 AM
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  1. mrcmonster's Avatar
    I wish I had a tip to control my addiction, but so far I don't. Although I am writing this on my PC, so maybe I'm not a total addict yet :P

    There really is a reason that we refer to them as crackberries! Man I just thought that it was a nice phone with GPS when I was looking at it at the store. Now it's my secret lover! (Shhhhhhhhh!)
    12-13-07 11:56 PM
  2. flashswoman's Avatar
    Does sitting at CrackBerry during the times I'm not using the BlackBerry count as controlling my addiction??????????????
    12-14-07 07:53 AM
  3. Planagram's Avatar
    Addiction is what you make it! I say the more, the merrier!!
    12-14-07 11:30 AM
  4. aa-thompson's Avatar
    As far as adicted, I think most of us are in the same boat. We love our deviced for various reasons, and quite honestly I would mind having a bath tub full of berrys to lay in and browse internet, email, sms or whatever. Honestly... Once you go blackberry you never go back!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-14-07 11:41 AM
  5. peteblum's Avatar
    Basically my BB is the first device that I have had that is not just a regular phone. I am so addicted that I can hardly even put it down at all. Even on the ride home I cant put it down. I am holding it even if I am not looking at it hoping for that traffic light to stop me.... you get that! I am hoping for traffic lights! Beign able to get email, news, play games, etc.... this is the greatest device! If only it had a camera..... guess I need to upgrade cause I know the newer BB's do!
    12-14-07 12:11 PM
  6. girlnextdoor's Avatar
    I don't think im addicted as of yet, but I know I cried one day because I thought I left my BB in the library....I mean I WAS BOOOO HOOOOING...big crocodile tears... but it was in my backpack all along
    12-14-07 03:43 PM
  7. pjurbina's Avatar
    i just realized last night...i can't go to bed without falling asleep watching videos on it. i have a decent sized lcd tv in there with cable, with tivo, but i chose to now go to bed watching my berry, that is sad...
    12-14-07 05:06 PM
  8. kat's Avatar
    I must be addicted.. I find I don't go anywhere without my bb.. Plus I find I'm on this forum all time...
    12-15-07 12:28 AM
  9. nikowa's Avatar
    I've just recently gotten my first BB & already, it's addictive. I even take it with me into the bathroom!
    12-15-07 10:29 AM
  10. mrsimonburns's Avatar
    I think the only way to avoid a crackberry addiction is to not own one... then again I don't have on yet and I am already addicted!
    12-15-07 03:29 PM
  11. JesusFrek_LoveCanadians's Avatar
    my parent threatened to take my BB. believe me a
    i straitened up.
    12-15-07 04:29 PM
  12. AaronRSE's Avatar
    I have this habit at work of checking it at least 20 times an hour, I'm constantly moving around and cant always notice if it vibrates.

    I really havent discovered how to avoid checking it so much. Sometimes when I dont see the light on it I call from another phone just to make sure its still working...
    12-15-07 05:02 PM
  13. TLD1's Avatar
    Not sure I would use the word "addicted"...but I catch myself checking it a zillion times a day, wiping off the screen, and just playing with it. So, I guess I am maybe more than a "recreational user"...huh?
    12-15-07 08:37 PM
  14. Taegus's Avatar
    I am feeling the addiction coming on!!!!
    12-15-07 08:39 PM
  15. pinkgrl0411's Avatar
    It might as well be wired into my central nervous system....
    12-15-07 08:57 PM
  16. timothyj91's Avatar
    I was addicted the day I got it hahaha.. I used to have a sidekick 3 which I was addicted to, but the blackberry is even worse.
    12-16-07 12:09 AM
  17. San Diego Real Estate's Avatar
    BB Addiction hmmm...That is what my wife and kids are accusing me of...I think my wife is jealous!
    12-16-07 12:20 AM
  18. cheshillsgolf's Avatar
    The best tip I every recieved was from my wife. One day while driving, she asked if she could use my phone for a second. Being the nice guy that I am, i finished up my conversation and an email at the same time (that's multitasking), and handed it to her. She started to dial a number, then chucked it out the window. Her tip was that if I wanted to stay married, I'd better lose the Crackberry Addiction. Well, it worked, slightly. Now, I just know how to hide it!
    12-16-07 07:24 AM
  19. mysticv6's Avatar
    Turn it off! That helps a lot with the addiction.
    12-16-07 08:28 AM
  20. ST789's Avatar
    I'm getting close. The games I have downloaded on it keep me busy during slow times during finals week.
    12-16-07 11:42 AM
  21. RichardF's Avatar
    I have a 1Gb now, I await OS 4.3 so I can get an 8Gb card
    12-16-07 12:42 PM
  22. Mister Era's Avatar
    I came to the BB side after getting sick of the sidekick and dash, and now that i have my curve, i take it everywhere. And i mean everywhere.
    The only thing i can think of to stop my addiction, well... Nothing!
    12-16-07 12:56 PM
  23. graham's Avatar
    Yes, hardcore addiction. But with all that info right there, how can someone not become dependent?
    12-16-07 04:13 PM
  24. kentville's Avatar
    I love my Blackberry, bit I'm not addicted to it.
    12-16-07 06:34 PM
  25. kalinl's Avatar
    I forgot it at home once in 3 years an I felt naked, isolated, lost and helpless!!!
    12-16-07 06:51 PM
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