View Poll Results: Are you addicted to your BlackBerry?

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    540 72.48%
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    55 7.38%
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    150 20.13%
01-01-08 01:32 AM
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  1. silver's Avatar
    possibly may be getting addicted. I'll just put the black and whitelist to block everyone so no one can call me. lol.
    12-10-07 10:56 AM
  2. Ryan Blundell's Avatar
    At my birthday party, I had a friend of mine constantly showing me pics, sound clips, everything he downloaded on his berry. Even while the cake was being placed before me. I love my BB but I was wishing that his was shoved somewhere. lucky for him, I didn't blow out all the candles on the first try.
    12-10-07 11:00 AM
  3. chance#CB's Avatar
    once i broke my blackberry while i was in vegas i was walking the strip and i caught my clip on a trashcant trying to slip by some people it feel and someone stepped on it only to look down look at me and say "damn that sucks" then they walked away later that night i was in the hotel having my trip ruined i saw some young dude sitting at the bar with a old 7290 on the bar so i walked over and offered him 100 dollars for his blackberry he laughed at me and told me that life doesnt revolve around a phone so i go is that a yes then and he says no i could live without mine why would i sell it
    12-10-07 11:13 AM
  4. tsalonia#IM's Avatar
    I once heard on a well-known talk show that a woman was using her BB during love-making!!! That is just wrong!!!
    12-10-07 11:53 AM
  5. boss4life#AC's Avatar
    I live in the Philadelphia PA area. I was half way into a 3 hour drive to Virginia when I realized my BB was missing off my hip. In a panic I pulled over and searched my vehicle without success. I went to a road stop and asked a stranger to dial my number so I could listen for that distinctive vibration sound /ring tone without success. I finally realized that I would have to continue on to Virginia.....................After driving back home first to find my BB with my luggage inside my front door. I guess leaving it with my luggage so I wouldn't forget it wasn't the smartest plan in hindsight.
    12-10-07 12:24 PM
  6. stephen miller's Avatar
    More i use it the more i fall in love with. By using it i understand it's capabilities and want to do more with it.
    12-10-07 12:29 PM
  7. surfanimal's Avatar
    Assuming that addiction can't be seen in anyway bad or harmful, absolutely!
    12-10-07 01:01 PM
  8. Gibralter's Avatar
    I think last night I was BB Messaging while i was sleeping! I woke up and found a conversation on my BB that was NOT there before i went to bed!
    12-10-07 01:58 PM
  9. omg_its_kerri's Avatar
    I got my first BB in october (I love my Pearl!). I never understood the whole additction thing until I got one. I couldn't put the thing down! That is, until it started affecting my school work....and everything else!

    I know it's addicting, but sometimes you just have to say no! (Or at the least, say later)
    12-10-07 01:59 PM
  10.'s Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I could easily become addicted, but I've been very careful not to just yet.

    Let's revisit this message again in say 3 months!
    12-10-07 02:00 PM
  11. kidqwik's Avatar
    It helps to turn off the vibrate, ringers, and flashing red light to not be addicted. Of course, why would anyone want to do that, those are the fun things!
    12-10-07 02:11 PM
  12. visi0nX's Avatar
    Don't know yet, gotta get one first!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-10-07 02:13 PM
  13. visi0nX's Avatar
    asdasd, how do i get off the mobile site, lol I'm on my home computer. I do not have a BB! stop lying forum!

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    12-10-07 02:14 PM
  14. mr.madison's Avatar
    i just got hooked and it the craving grows everyday...
    12-10-07 02:33 PM
  15. miyacom's Avatar
    I am addicted to the Blackberry. I have tried many other phones and the Blackberry is #1. Some women love clothes and shoes, I love my Blackberry!!
    12-10-07 02:39 PM
  16. swimman's Avatar
    Everyday I become a little more addicted and learn something new.
    12-10-07 02:40 PM
  17. bbrad's Avatar
    Best way to avoid the addition of email is turn off all notifications for email and messages. That is the only way I can escape checking my email when out to dinner with my wife.
    12-10-07 02:43 PM
  18. summertyme98's Avatar
    I am a total CrackBerry addict. My cousin has already announced that she's gonna take me to counseling! Lol. I am constantly finding a use for my Pearl. Making shopping lists, using the calculator, calendar, listening to music, reading the news, replying to texts and emails and, of course, taking pics of my kids and sending them to my blogs!

    So, yes, I'm addicted but I know when enough is enough. I am a CrackBerry head by choice, but my family (and some friends) come first!
    12-10-07 02:55 PM
  19. joshuadeutch's Avatar
    Okay since I am addicted, I can not give you a story about kicking it. But I can tell you that my wife, father, mother, brother (2), brother-in-law (2), and sister-in-law all think that the following story is sick.

    My wife and I go on vacation, to a remote spot where it is nothing but beaches. We spend an obscene amount of money on the hotel, and the trip. It is our wedding anniversary. What do I do, well, I am on the beach with my old blackberry (so no sand will get into the new one) emailing folks, speaking on conf calls, playing games. I AM ON THE BEACH!! No place on vacation was safe from my blackberry ways. It is so wrong, but I don't want to be right!
    12-10-07 02:58 PM
  20. rdunnivan's Avatar
    I was opposed to smartphones / PDA type phones for a long time and when it came time to switch carriers, I gave the Curve a try and will never go back.
    12-10-07 03:05 PM
  21. dbltap's Avatar
    It's a tool. I use it as a tool. I am too busy with other things to let it control my life.
    12-10-07 03:05 PM
  22. copndoc's Avatar
    But I have to have a cell phone at work, so why not a BB? That's not an addiction - it's a NEED!
    12-10-07 03:12 PM
  23. bakerj158's Avatar
    I went into the hospital for a minor surgery, i made sure i got a room near a window so i could have bb reception while in the hospital. the nurses thought i was nuts,.
    12-10-07 03:14 PM
  24. DrivingManiac's Avatar
    I've only had my Curve for a couple of weeks, and I know I'm getting to the point of addiction. I'm constantly on forums for blackberries, searching every site for new word on new devices and the upcoming 4.3 OS, and now I'm on here instead of studying for finals!
    12-10-07 03:32 PM
  25. curveman913's Avatar
    When I first got it I didnt sleep for 2 nights just messing around on here and also when I shower I leave one hand dry to check my berry which is ever so comfy resting on her own towel LOL
    12-10-07 03:38 PM
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