View Poll Results: Are you addicted to your BlackBerry?

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    540 72.48%
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    55 7.38%
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    150 20.13%
01-01-08 01:32 AM
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  1. anonymous924's Avatar
    I've tried several different cell phones, trying to find the "right one" for me.
    Being able to make a call without having to "jump through hoops" is important to me.
    Battery life is equally important.
    The Blackberry gives you great battery life and is easy to use and personalize.
    I love my Blackberry.
    I am checking out the curve.
    12-20-07 10:14 AM
  2. Doanster's Avatar
    I learned along time ago that you can have too much of a good thing - AKA BB

    Now i purposely turn it off at functions and special events
    12-20-07 10:31 AM
  3. rsrikanth05's Avatar
    Very, I cant live without it, now i find other phones difficult.
    12-20-07 10:43 AM
  4. erikbennett's Avatar
    Well, here I am, going on 12 hours of ownership... and already I've downloaded 5-6 apps, and am currently getting ringtones and alert sounds... Methinks the addiction is beginning :-D

    12-20-07 11:26 AM
  5. mariov's Avatar
    I'm an addict. So what? I love it.
    12-20-07 11:34 AM
  6. dollypink's Avatar
    try having very few friends to text and im and you never get addicted in the first place
    12-20-07 11:45 AM
  7. kensing65's Avatar
    my coworkers think I'm addicted... one of the guys I work with was switching calling plans and getting a new phone.. he asked my opinion and I told him most definately get the Pearl... He got it and I send him daily updates to the phone or cool things I think he would like on his phone whether he wants them or not... I also got my dad using the Pearl as well... We went to his house for Thanksgiving and I wasn't in the house 5mins when he handed me his phone and told me to 'set him up' with all the cool features I had on mine!
    12-20-07 11:45 AM
  8. bartlettm's Avatar
    if you know you're going somewhere that you absolutely cannot be distracted by your bberry, leave it in the car or at home! i know it's painful but you'll get through it and you'll have something to look fwd to once you're done with whatever (obviously boring) thing you're doing! I swear there should be a 12 step program for this LOL..
    12-20-07 11:59 AM
  9. SeanWaiss's Avatar
    Media cards for music. Might get me started yet.
    12-20-07 12:04 PM
  10. terryeo's Avatar
    Yes yes yes, I think I need treatment.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-20-07 12:04 PM
  11. mjimenez0's Avatar
    I don't see a problem..I just need to check it every 5 mins and I suffer from the phanton vibration and seeing the LED going off when it isn't hehe.
    12-20-07 12:28 PM
  12. nosautbb's Avatar
    best way to avoid blackberry addiction, is to forget your phone at home! best medicine ever, it's like going cold turkey. can't stop thinking about it...
    12-20-07 12:45 PM
  13. Sunshyn's Avatar
    Control? I'm half addicted just learning everything I'm going to be able to do with my Curve. I'm already trying figure out how to constantly keep it on my person rather than let it out of sight by putting it in a purse.
    12-20-07 01:03 PM
  14. townslo's Avatar
    Doesn't being on this site show that?
    12-20-07 01:11 PM
  15. crackberry-Jackie's Avatar
    OH! YES!! Addicted to it and then some! My husband tells me all the time to put the phone down, but I can't. It's like a potato chip!
    12-20-07 01:14 PM
  16. mitch1877's Avatar
    Self control. It takes a little self control.
    12-20-07 01:28 PM
  17. witzcap's Avatar
    I guess I am one of the few that can live without it. Sorry
    12-20-07 01:28 PM
  18. BCoop8184's Avatar
    There is no avoiding BB addiction, its kinda like crack, once your hooked your hooked.
    12-20-07 01:55 PM
  19. conmetal's Avatar
    I'm not addicted yet as I just got it, but I'm sure I will be once I master its capabilities...
    12-20-07 02:14 PM
  20. jas1217's Avatar
    I don't THINK I am addicted, but I do kind of freak out if I see that low battery LED flashing and I am not near a charger.
    12-20-07 02:21 PM
  21. ushaffi's Avatar
    I just got my first BB 2 weeks ago and hence I am still in the phase of denial. I basically live with the thing... so you could call it an addiction. I guess.
    12-20-07 02:21 PM
  22. dwnigro's Avatar
    I can't believe that I waited this long to get a bb. I thought, what was all the hype...and then CRACK!! I now believe!
    12-20-07 02:51 PM
  23. chaunce88's Avatar
    I started looking for ringtones one night at about 8 or so. Next thing I know the blackberry dies in my hands and it's almost 3 a.m.
    12-20-07 03:58 PM
  24. dead_psycho1's Avatar
    my favorite thing having any thing to do with this is my addiction to my cousin's blackberry (don't have one yet) i do not like to put it down...
    12-20-07 04:18 PM
  25. mwpeterson's Avatar
    It's not addiction. I can put my BB down any time I want. I just never want to do it.
    12-20-07 05:14 PM
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