View Poll Results: Are you addicted to your BlackBerry?

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  • Yes

    540 72.48%
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    55 7.38%
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    150 20.13%
01-01-08 01:32 AM
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  1. nate-ng's Avatar
    avoiding bb addiction? become poor and have no data plan
    12-18-07 01:41 AM
  2. reefmespla's Avatar
    Heck, I have only had my crackberry for about three weeks and I am already addicted. I have filled a 2gb card with music and podcasts so I can use it all the time.
    12-18-07 07:14 AM
  3. hrtbrcr's Avatar
    wasting time at work, downloading songs, videos to my phone so I can use it at lunch or on road trips.
    12-18-07 11:03 AM
  4. dacur's Avatar
    I spent so much time researching BBs (and admiring from afar) before my recent purchase that my wife was relieved when I finally got one!
    12-18-07 11:32 AM
  5. Tyga24's Avatar
    I haven't had much time to use it, so I'm definitely not addicted to it.
    12-18-07 12:05 PM
  6. ecupirate's Avatar
    umm --- those phantom messages and rings --- yeah, i have that... yikes!
    12-18-07 01:10 PM
  7. cl65ame's Avatar
    I Just Can't Stop....helllpppp
    12-18-07 01:26 PM
  8. mfaubert's Avatar
    I'm now on my fourth version (and 6th device) of the BB.

    I recently changed jobs and had to turn in my 7100i. I was planning to take some time off and wasn't starting my new job for another 6 weeks.

    I went a day without a phone or a BB before I cracked and went to the AT&T and picked up a new 8800. At my own expense no less.
    12-18-07 02:57 PM
  9.'s Avatar
    12-18-07 03:11 PM
  10. Heat_Holda's Avatar
    there's no way to beat it. only thing to help it is to use your blackberry as much as possible.
    12-18-07 06:12 PM
  11. pip11's Avatar
    i got stuck in traffic so i watched a movie on my bb. it made it much better
    12-18-07 06:18 PM
  12. xj4play's Avatar
    the best would be getting lost in los angeles and driving around looking for an open wifi signal so i could look at a map. now everywhere i go i look for open wifi
    12-18-07 06:46 PM
  13. ptownfire's Avatar
    Our fire deparment has just come out with a new cell phone policy. Phones must remain on vibrate and not in use during call or training. Ever since Blackberry stock went on the rise back in june-july, I have been talking blackberry up to my coworker. I at the time owned a pearl and he had a cheap purse phone from some other carrier. He finally went bonkers and saw what the hype was about when he bought himself one as an early christmas present. The guy is a stock junkie, and with the new blackberry he owns, he has been written up countless times for pulling out his blackberry at inoppurtune moments to check his stocks---what an addict! He loves- who wouldn't?
    12-18-07 07:14 PM
  14. Tanker57's Avatar
    Friend of mine was getting married and one of the stipulations that the new wife put on him was "no Blackberry" on the honeymoon. He gave in but later told me he was hanging over the railing trying to get a signal on his cruise.
    12-18-07 07:21 PM
  15. delthobs's Avatar
    i dont think i am any more addicted to my blackberry than my computer or ipod
    12-18-07 09:23 PM
  16. trainerdoc's Avatar
    The only way to control the addiction is... actually there is no way.
    The only brief respite is when I'm in the underground car park at work (I get no reception)
    12-18-07 09:39 PM
  17. slip415's Avatar
    Since I've gotten an unlimited internet plan, found a good video converter, and started installing java games, wow it's been unreal.
    12-18-07 09:48 PM
  18. westli's Avatar
    I'm not addicted... yet. I have too much other stuff to do, especially now that my wife is addicted.
    12-19-07 01:19 AM
  19. ncmale29's Avatar
    The first thing I had to do was synchronize, that is what I worked on for hours every night after work, much to the pain of my wife.
    12-19-07 02:23 AM
  20. teschall's Avatar
    For a while I was addicted to the red blinking light...I was always glancing over to see if it was aglow... had to turn it off.
    12-19-07 07:57 AM
  21. Bearcat's Avatar
    just got mine but already I can feel the need to hold it despite my sore finger tips !
    12-19-07 09:10 AM
  22. chartrapp's Avatar
    i try and break the addiction by giving my phone to my husband to hold and keep away from me. the only way to break the addiction is to make sure you are addicted to something else -- which is spending time with my husband.
    12-19-07 09:36 AM
  23. jonzer's Avatar
    How to not get addicted: Do not snort your Crackberry, it hurts!
    12-19-07 09:52 AM
  24. spicy's Avatar
    yes, i am addicted. i yearn for the red light.

    is that so wrong?
    12-19-07 09:53 AM
  25. nic#CB's Avatar
    don't have an addiction
    12-19-07 10:00 AM
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