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    Ok so I am very new here, and the new owner of a Blackberry bold 9650 with Verizon. I kinda jumped into the whole blackberry realm after moonlighting with an ipod touch for a long time. I like the Bold very much but I noticed that email is a little different in a couple of ways. Especially with Outlook / Exchange. I use my mobile device to access my personal email/contacts/calendar via Gmail and that works perfectly everything is pushing fine. I then setup successfully my work email, through OWA and I can get my email, but no calendar and contacts.

    Now before I am flamed to death, I am sure this is a very common question for new users. I have researched heavily the topic and understand the limitations of being a BIS customer and integration with Corporate Exchange systems. I accept these limitations because I do not want to upgrade to a BES account and be charged 45.00 a month from verizon. Additionally, I dont want to be limited by my companies security policies and restricted on the apps I can run. I am happily a BIS customer.

    My only question is why does it have to be this way? the iOS platform is able to run both exchange and gmail side by side and instantly push and sync data. Additionally, I can view all the folders of the account. I can see sent mail, organize the mail, and move around the individual folders of the email service. What is fundamentally different about the way iOS and BIS implementations? And more importantly why is BIS better than iOS? I assume one reason is encryption. BIS is encrypted and iOS is not; at least that is the rumor. i am assuming iOS has performed a complete implementation of activesync and bis has not is that a fair estimation? Or is it something political and preserving a lucrative BES market?

    Again, I am happy with the device. To get my calendar I plan on using Google's desktop sync application and push my work calendar appointments to my GCAL. In the end it works and I am happy. I just want a more general education on why things are the way they are.
    10-30-10 11:55 PM
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    My only question is why does it have to be this way?
    Simply put, Money.
    10-31-10 12:45 PM