1. Isokrates's Avatar
    Greetings all!

    I have looked through the various fora on this site to see whether my question has been answered elsewhere, but I am new to the site (this is my first post!) so please forgive me if in fact I just haven't searched thoroughly enough and this is in fact detailed in another thread.

    Anyway, my question is this. I have a Storm 9500; I use the SureType predictive keyboard for text entry. I would like to be able to edit the predictive 'dictionary', either to change the priority different words receive, or simply to be able to remove undesirable words. Is this possible? To clarify, I provide two examples:

    1. When I attempt to type "yeah" I am offered "yeag" and "yesh" first - neither of these is a string of letters I will ever seek to send to another human being. Is it possible to remove these words altogether?

    2. When I attempt to type "I", predictive suggests "u" instead. I do not use this abbreviation, and the chances that I will want to use the letter 'u' by itself are very slim. Is it, therefore, possible to prioritise 'i' above 'u'?

    To provide further possibly-useful information, my Custom Dictionary is empty - yet my 'phone still seems to know lots of words I have taught it. Any help anyone can offer will be thankfully received, and, hopefully, faithfully applied.

    03-26-10 12:16 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    SureType is a compiled application with it's own internal logic and dictionary. Most of the time, it's near magic.

    Option / Custom Dictionary is where new words are saved, including the occasional misspell. It's worth editing it to keep it working smoothly with desirable words.

    I use SureType on my Pearl, there are a few trick for defeating the logic. I am not sure how it translates, but pressing my Trackball locks in the letters I have selected when I have to spell something unusual.

    You can make creative use of AutoText too. If there is a frequently used proper noun that SureType confuses, create a short cut that SureType can handle and let AutoText insert it correct text.
    03-26-10 12:33 PM
  3. Kemotaha's Avatar
    You could try an go into options -> language and text input. Make sure you have the right language setup. Also under show text input options, you can try to twiddle with the settings there.

    I don't know how to setup prioritization though. That would be useful.
    03-26-10 12:35 PM
  4. penk's Avatar
    as Kemotaha suggested, definitely make sure you have a language selected.

    and as Reed wrote, editing the Custom Dictionary when using SureType is needed. when i used my 8100 i would review the list about once a month. ST can be a little eager to learn, so even words you correct right away still get added to the CD.

    for now, unless you find "u" has been added to the CD, go to Autotext and set "u" to be replaced by "I" (Specified Case).
    03-27-10 08:27 AM
  5. Isokrates's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Thanks a lot for these suggestions; I have indeed set up an AutoText for "u"/"I", and patched up various other things, too. This seems to do the trick! Would be good if the actual wordlist could be edited, though - my custom dictionary is still empty!

    Also, it seems that every time I try to end a word with s followed by an apostrophe (e.g. "St James' Square"), it changes to a followed by an apostrophe, even though I can't think of a word in English that ends with this combination of characters (and the combination "Jamea'" is certainly not in my wordlist). Has anyone else seen this? I can't think of a good way to stop this via AutoText, as there are just too many words that end with 's' that I might want to use in possessive form...

    Thanks again!
    03-29-10 03:29 PM