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    I have been desperately wanting to buy a Blackberry but cannot find out whether it will work in my area before buying one. I am slightly rural - get 2 bars on vodafone (normal phone signal) - no 3G in area (except pockets on Orange) - but then Blackberries use Edge not 3G so does lack of 3G matter?! What I have searched for and cannot find - is information on Edge coverage - ie - a map showing whether it covers my area - or any area! Assuming I can't get Edge, would the Blackberry work? And if so (presume it would be on GPRS) would this be incredibly slow? If I wait for the Bold, will HSDPA make it any faster if no 3G in the area?! Many thanks - in anticipation!
    06-14-08 07:38 AM
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    i would wait for the bold
    but w/o you being specific about where you live how can we advise you
    do you have any friends that have bb's?
    invite them over for a beer and check it out
    06-14-08 08:02 AM
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    Thanks! Well - i didn't think ANYONE had one where I live (small market town, north of England), but met a girl who has one last week, after spending all day being given rubbish info in all the phone shops (they know NOTHING about Edge!). So - it works on Orange! Occasional Edge signals roundabout. Whoopee - so reckon I'll get the Curve 8320 on Orange and try to use wi fi at home (even our wi fi signal is crap). Can't wait for bold any longer. Only problem is - Orange have crap tariffs in Uk and charge extra for 'text delivery' - can you believe it??!! for 500 texts a month that's a an exta 5. OK I know you don't have to use text delivery, but I like it. Will get a Bold when they're cheaper - ha ha!
    07-15-08 11:12 AM
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    Many companies will have coverage maps on their websites. That might be a good place to start. Of course you simply need to find one competent customer service rep.

    By the way, I love my 8320 Titanium! I can wait for the newest because this phone is fantastic.
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