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    I've read all the other threads about echoing. I'm hoping there's a better answer, now.

    I have a 9810 on AT&T, my friend just got a 9900 on T-Mobile. There are two issues:

    1) When I talk, I get an echo of myself.
    2) If he starts moving the phone away from his head, his voice almost dies out and becomes tinny sounding.

    On my end, I'm usually on bluetooth, but not always. Usually bare phone, no case. It doesn't seem to make a difference, either with BT or case situation. And it's only the one 9900 that I get the problems -- no echo on either end with any other phone.

    On his end, bare phone, no BT yet.

    I'm suspecting he has a bad phone, but I can't rule out some kind of network incompatibility. Any thoughts?
    02-17-12 09:45 AM