1. curvey77's Avatar
    I currently use Yahoo for mail, calender, todo,etc because it syncs easily with the BB. My question is there anyway to easily sync google calender, RTM (for todos), and gmail with the native Blackberry calender and todo or at least only 1 app that would show everything together like the iGoogle page does?

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    02-17-08 03:56 PM
  2. diamondchick's Avatar
    seriously, I would love that, someone please find a way......
    02-17-08 04:10 PM
  3. diamondchick's Avatar
    Sync Blackberry w/ Google Calendar - GCALSYNC

    GCalSync allows you to carry your Google Calendar in your pocket! GCalSync will allow two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone's built-in calendar. Download events to your Blackberry, or add an event on your BB and upload it to Google Calendar.

    To install, visit //wap.gcalsync.com with your Blackberry's browser.

    I found this on another site! It is really great
    02-17-08 04:21 PM
  4. curvey77's Avatar
    I love it! Thanks!

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    02-18-08 08:23 AM
  5. grayTshirt's Avatar
    I use this and it works great.
    02-18-08 11:29 AM
  6. JonnyCerv's Avatar
    Doesn't the google calendar sync on it's own? I downloaded the newest Google Pack and it installed the updater into my calendar. Works great.

    Google is truly amazing!!
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    02-19-08 11:36 AM
  7. curvey77's Avatar
    I keep trying that too, the Google sync and it won't update both my handheld and desktop/online google calender. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
    02-20-08 07:03 AM
  8. LBB3's Avatar
    Ditto here....Google sync isn't working for me
    02-20-08 08:30 AM
  9. miakeru's Avatar
    Try using the official Google software instead of GCALSYNC. I use Google's myself and it works great. I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, but just head to google.com/mobile/sync for more information!
    02-20-08 08:46 AM
  10. curvey77's Avatar
    Okay, I think I have it figured out. Google sync will not sync or bring anything up from your handheld the first time you sync it. So, unless there is another way I don't know about you actually have delete your existing calender entries and sync then add new entries and then sync again and anything new will now show up on Google calender. I can't take credit for figuring this out as I read it on a different website. Now that it is working it is really nice being able to sync calender without having to use desktop manager.
    02-20-08 09:39 AM
  11. miakeru's Avatar
    When I installed Google's official sync program, I had no problem with my existing Google Calendar entries being synced with my Curve. I didn't have to do it twice as it worked wonderfully well the first time.
    02-20-08 09:52 AM
  12. starberry's Avatar
    question....when I try to have the link sent it tells me due to connectivity issues blah blah it can't be done. Is this because of the outage or any I slow in the head? Wait don't answer that last part.
    02-20-08 12:23 PM