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    So I just got a BB Pearl. I've had 2 BB's in the past (one was a 7501t and I can't remember the other), and I remember what I hates the most, setting sounds and ringers...

    I use the Quite, Normal, and Loud setting consistantly. Each one has a BUNCH of setting since you not only set the three profile seperately, but each profile has it's own setting for mail, sms, phone, messages, chat, and like 10 other things. Then each one of those has it's own setting for both in the holster and out... So here is my question...

    Assuming I want the same sounds for each function in all 3 profiles, just diferent volumes, is there a way to set one profile up, like the quiet one, then have it duplicate the settings for normal and loud?

    Example: Lets say that in the quiet profile, I use "sound 1" for phone ring, "sound 2" for messages, and "sound 3" for sms, and I set the others to whatever and set the in holster and out of holster. Can I then easily duplicate those setting in "Normal" and "Loud" without having to go through them manually and take an hour setting them?

    If not, can it be done on the computer while connected to the BB, instead of having to do it on the phone?

    Thanks for any advice...
    02-13-08 01:09 PM
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    Lots of views and no replys...

    02-13-08 05:20 PM
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    Nope nothing I can think of.
    02-13-08 05:32 PM
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    That is an awesome question, and I truly hope somebody has the answer. Setting all the profiles is the suck.

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    02-13-08 07:12 PM
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    I am watching and waiting patiently for an answer to this question as well. It takes way to long to go to each setting and change it manually. Sure would be nice if there were a simpler way.
    02-13-08 11:43 PM
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    *bump* - since so many people seem interested and are hoping for a solution...
    02-15-08 09:47 AM
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    02-25-08 03:56 PM
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    no sweat,,,

    go to media>select ringtone you like>menu>set as ringtone...boom

    all you have to do is set the volume for each profile (and vibrations if you want them...)


    the only thing that would affect this is if you have specific ringers assigned to individual contacts..but you KNOW this...
    02-25-08 03:59 PM