1. Ajacks78's Avatar
    I am new at this have had phone for only about 2 months and got a replacement 3 days ago love the phone but out of the blue I will recieve a call or try to make a call and I cannot here anything but the other person can hear me just fine. It will stop working then untill I take the battery out, is this a common problem or is it something I am doing I cannot see having a phone that doesn't work each time I try to use or get a phone call. Hold on I know I can't hear you but let me take the battery out and wait 2 minutes for the phone to turn on and I will call you right back! Not very convienient!
    09-18-08 08:57 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    This is a very common problem, pull your battery and put it back in.
    09-18-08 09:11 PM