1. Wrenchman9's Avatar
    So what do you get with free GPS like Google Maps? You get an app that works FOR FREE, you get reroutes FOR FREE, you get local searches FOR FREE, you get street view FOR FREE.

    What do you get from VZ Nav? A pretty good system with voice prompted directions and all the trimmings that you get with Google $9.99 a month. The $9.99 gets you spoken directions. A big deal really but not for $9.99 a month.

    What do you get from e-Mobile GPS Companion. Bad maps, no landscape mode, terrible cursor control in typing mode, a strange but kind of neat in its own way UI, turn by turn directions that only a wild turkey has eyes able to read, a keyboard that won't disappear and in general a POS IMHO. I'd say save your 20 bucks or give it to someone who needs a meal. Otherwise you may as well flush it down the toilet. You have a better chance of receiving something useful if the plumbing backs up than you do spending it on e-Mobile GPS Companion.

    Stick with Google Maps and grab Poynt and you're all set. Even BB maps is better than e-Mobile G(PO)S.
    04-01-09 07:23 PM
  2. GLD's Avatar
    I bought the e-Mobile GPS Companion but can't seem to make it work, it is stuck on searching for satellites. Their tech support gave me a couple suggestions but nothing worked. I have my GPS settings to location on and it works just fine with the BB Maps. Does anyone have any suggestions to enable this? I have a Curve 8330 with Verizon.

    04-05-09 07:57 AM